The 3 Minute Online Memory Test

Worried about developing Alzheimer's disease? MemTrax is an online memory test, developed by a neuroscientist, to help diagnose memory disorders.* Check your brain health with a free test, or sign up so your results can be saved and monitored.

* MemTrax cannot replace a proper diagnosis from a clinician.

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What is MemTrax?
In just three minutes, users can start monitoring their memory for any signs of trouble. Enjoy this online memory test to keep your mind active while monitoring your memory and brain health.
How is MemTrax Unique?
MemTrax is based on more than three decades of research by renowned psychiatrist and neuroscientist J. Wesson Ashford, M.D., Ph.D., to ensure that it provides an accurate measure of memory loss. We collect the minimal personal identification needed to allow the confidential tracking of memory performance over time.
Why Track Memory?
By checking their memory, MemTrax allows people to take a proactive approach in caring for their memory health. Treatment can be most effective when it is identified early. The best way to identify early memory loss is to see if memory is changing over time.

Reasons to

Advanced Result Analysis

With over 20 years of collaboration between doctors and researchers, the MemTrax test provides an accurate assessment of short-term memory performance and reaction speed.

Gorgeous Test Images

The MemTrax test is designed to provide the user with an interface that is easy to use and understand. Our high quality images sets create a peaceful test environment that traditional cognitive performance tests lack.

Test Result History

Your test results can easily be monitored over time and compared to fellow MemTrax users. Get started with your first test and find out your baseline score today!